Spa Days and Community Wellness Days

Come Spa With Us for as little as £10 a visit at Grange Hotel swimming pool – jacuzzi – sauna – steam room free weights room – treadmill – rowing machines and complementary holistic health practitioners for sublime therapeutic treatments

Drop Your Anchor

Better Together

From Carlisle to Kendal, Ulverston to Ullswater, Cumbria Health Collective is growing and springing forward into blossom. Did you know that every month just outside Ambleside there is a Sweat Lodge gathering, held by Richard Whiting at Sunny Brow.  These ceremonies are designed to reconnect us with the land and ..Continue Reading

It’s a whole new experience

  So, how are your resolutions going?  A month on and mine are blossoming into a new clinic at the Health Centre in Grange over Sands.  It’s on the road towards Allithwaite just next to the Fire Station. Got an unidentified ache? That February feeling getting you down? Come and ..Continue Reading

Do you do sex? Really?!!?

I know life is about taking chances and asking for something you want, but to ask someone who is obviously running an Holistic Health Business if they ‘do sex’ is clearly not recognising the true benefits of massage. Yes you get naked and put your trust in a complete stranger ..Continue Reading

Lomilomi Massage

Looking at pictures of stunningly white sandy beaches with people having a Lomilomi massaged in the warmth of the sunny day, with a light ocean breeze rustling the palm tree leaves, its even more appealing on such a cold and wintery night. The kind of Lomi Lomi you might find ..Continue Reading