Spa Days and Community Wellness Days

Come Spa With Us for as little as £10 a visit at Grange Hotel swimming pool – jacuzzi – sauna – steam room free weights room – treadmill – rowing machines and complementary holistic health practitioners for sublime therapeutic treatments

Bank Holiday Bliss

After the tragedy of this week our minds turn to our amazing resilience  to come together in community. This week I was welcomed into the Biodynamic Group at Coniston, a gentle reminder of how our land can heal us in so many ways Wishing you all a sunny weekend from The ..Continue Reading

Spa Days – which will you choose

Spa Days at Grange Hotel are proving popular with visitors and hotel guests and no wonder with such great facilities, and of course, we us on hand to brighten your visit. Choose from one of the packages or tailor make your own Click the link below to discover more of ..Continue Reading

Drop Your Anchor

Therapy Directory

Forgot I was on this… Therapy Directory

Give Yourselves the Gift of Touch

===================== Massage Instruction ===================== Extend your honeymoon experience with the gift of learning your own massage moves. Instead of just receiving a massage, Catherine can guide you through the essential qualities of giving a great massage to your newly wedded bride or groom. Catherine can instruct you how to give ..Continue Reading