First you have to feel it. Get to know it. They are all unique. Some are more ornate. Some are encrusted with barnacles and seaweed. Some have been anchored for a long time. Ok maybe the barnacles and seaweed thread doesn’t really apply, yet it might. What am I talking about, we ll I’ll expand

Over the years I’ve been really lucky to have some quality teachers. More about the practice than filling the room with their ego. And Chris is thankfully, no different

I was introduced to Chris by a friend attending his course and thought, why not, I’m free on a Monday. And so glad I did. I’ve been attending his course over the last 3 years and feel the benefits everyday.

Will such pearls of wisdom as “remember to drop your anchor” as a visualised tool to keep grounded, I’m so looking forward to the next course starting on Monday.

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