Do you do sex? Really?!!?

I know life is about taking chances and asking for something you want, but to ask someone who is obviously running an Holistic Health Business if they ‘do sex’ is clearly not recognising the true benefits of massage. Yes you get naked and put your trust in a complete stranger ..Continue Reading

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas…

…and a Happy New Year We are open over Christmas and New Year closed on Christmas Day and special opening times on Sunday 21st and 28th December   This year we have donated to Crisis at Christmas instead of sending cards and wish everyone a happy holiday.  Thank you for ..Continue Reading

Lomilomi Massage

Looking at pictures of stunningly white sandy beaches with people having a Lomilomi massaged in the warmth of the sunny day, with a light ocean breeze rustling the palm tree leaves, its even more appealing on such a cold and wintery night. The kind of Lomi Lomi you might find ..Continue Reading

Are you joining the club?

The latest Complementary Therapist Association Newsletter is continuing to spread the word on our initiative to encourage practitioners to get together more and get some treatments themselves. For further information and advice contact Catherine