I know life is about taking chances and asking for something you want, but to ask someone who is obviously running an Holistic Health Business if they ‘do sex’ is clearly not recognising the true benefits of massage.

Yes you get naked and put your trust in a complete stranger but would you ask to sleep with your cardiologist?Just because there is a technique that offers more of a vigorous movement called tapotement, please don’t ask me to carry this out on your buttocks when it’s clearly got nothing to do with releasing muscles to relieve lower back pain.

And yes, most of us have heard them all before.  But when I heard the other day that a man had called a colleague and asked ‘do you do sex’ I had to smile and felt thankful to be part of such a supportive group of colleagues who can just laugh it off and of course, most importantly, say ‘With you? that’d be a No’.