September Offers

Have a look what’s on offer this month at Grange Hotel

End of the Road Workshop – Sunday

The Power of Positive Thinking Do you believe everything you think? Is the voice in your head controlling you and no longer serves to keep you happy and healthy? The Ego (or thinking mind) makes an excellent servant but a terrible master. If we are unaware of the impacts our ..Continue Reading

End of the Road Workshop – Saturday

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness has exploded over the last few years with doctors, psychologists, business leaders and celebrities all suggesting that we do more of it. But what is it and how can it work for you? Mark Dunn will explain the basics of Mindfulness in simple language avoiding ‘spiritual’ ..Continue Reading

Qi Gung at End of the Road

Mark Pogson, who has been with the team since the first year, will once again be joining us. Qigong (Chi Kung) is a Chinese healing art (similar to Tai Chi) involving gentle movement, breathing exercises and stretches. Qigong means “energy cultivation” or “training the breath” and covers a broad range ..Continue Reading

Great Challenges, Sweet Rewards

Colette Lasselle has been with the End of the Road Team for many years now and over the last few years have been taking some epic journeys.  Here, in her own words, she explains and thanks everyone who makes if possible, and if you’ve ever had a massage with her, ..Continue Reading

Meditation at End of The Road Show – why wouldn’t you

EOTR Meditation This year we have Mark Dunn joining us to give talks and group meditation sessions – do you meditate? What kind and what do you get from it?