Can you compare Shakespeare with Wordsworth, Cezanne with Van Gogh.  Each master of their own creations, perfecting their artistic abilities in their own way.  We can appreciate their mastery on different levels, from the purely external or to look deeper to see hidden gems of understanding.  They all create something of beauty for the world to see.

Having beauty around can inspire beauty from within. The Japanese believe being in nature can pacify our emotions just by being surrounded by it.  The environment we choose to be in can directly affect how we feel.

Whatever your pursuits in life, if they make you beautiful from the inside out, your inner beauty will shine forth.

As each great master has their own merits so do health and well-being regimes, whether to keep you rested and relaxed, repaired after being injured, to improve your exercise performance or maintain your physical health your inner beauty is sure to shine out.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to The Relaxation Room – so aptly named.

I have had a back massage at Spas before but there is no comparison to the professional treatment I experienced yesterday. I have had discomfort in my back and chest for weeks aggravated I’m sure by bad posture and hours bent over a laptop. Immediately after treatment I felt a different woman and still feel great. I can’t thank you enough and look forward to coming again. The ambiance of the room is so relaxing, I recommend everyone to have some ‘me’ time, the benefits are immense.”

Debbie Hodgkiss, Local Resident