A short walk from Reception, in the Leisure Suite, set away from the changing rooms, you’ll find an oasis of tranquility.  The Relaxation Room in The Beauty Therapy Room at the Grange Hotel, offers guests and visitors to the hotel holiday pampering, specialist massage techniques and restorative recovery.

“I initially phoned to book a room to practice from for local clients and in time I’ve found a real home at the Grange Hotel, we’re becoming a real feature”  says Catherine Hunt, owner and lead practitioner at The Relaxation Room.  Since 2003 Catherine has run her company in different settings and for different client groups, from working alongside NHS staff offering weekly clinics to annual events such as music festivals.

Over the past few years after returning to the North West,  she has consolidated her 20 years experience as an Holistic Health Practitioner with feedback and requests from clients to create a service to enhance the service now based at the Grange Hotel.  Trained as a counsellor and life coach, she is keenly aware of her clients’ needs and receptive to the underlying sources of stress and tension.

The Relaxation Room, a complementary holistic health service, is supported by a team of practitioners who work in harmony to provide a truly memorable experience.  Treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual and range from the lightest of touches to deep pressure.  “I want to demystify holistic and complementary therapy and I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of what we do.   We treat clients of all ages; men, women and children with consent. Everyone is welcome.”

Body massages can be experienced in the traditional fashion on a massage couch and complemented by aromatherapy oils to relax, restore and revitalise.  Alternatively massages can be administered over light clothing or utilising gentle pressure from the forearms to produce the desired effect.  Deep Pressure and Myo-Fascial Release massage is offered to relieve soft tissue aches and pains and is shaped by the needs of the individual.   Facials, Hot Stone Treatments and even Guided Relaxation are just some of the other treatments available.

‘We receive such lovely quotes and have responded to feedback from guests.  Being in a quiet room in the Leisure Suite, it enriches the experience, and people comment on how rested they feel just walking in the room’.

Catherine runs a ‘virtual reception’ to keep the charges at a reasonable rate by encouraging bookings in advance, to avoid disappointment.  Either by calls to a mobile, by text message or via email, making bookings easy to be received even when Catherine is conducting treatments.

With quotes like these on TripAdvisor for The Relaxation Room, what will you choose…