On my morning walk this morning with Tess, our spaniel/collie cross, I realised something was missing.  I walked the same walk each morning. This morning maybe a little slower in place due to the first frost; a little quicker when there were cars coming; thoughtful looking over the mosses for starlings starting to murmur.  It wasn’t until I got home that i realised what was missing.

Most mornings I find that by the time I make it home my mind feels rested, yet full of inspiration for the day ahead. This morning that wasn’t the case. Buy why?

My revelation was that my head was full of chatter, constant trickle of thoughts creating to do lists, listing things i’m worried about, getting involved in my thinking. And then i came to me.  Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in ‘Meditation’, ‘Mindfulness’, Mindfulness Meditation‘, working from the bedrock of simple relaxation techniques, lots of which I use in my massage practice.

And in order to ‘walk my talk’, tomorrow morning I will be mindful to be mindless in a way as to ease into my day and stay present to receive inspiration, through active breathing, Three fold walking and absorbing the natural setting.