Rubbing People up the Right Way at Scarborough Tattoo Show 3-4 June 2016
Rubbing People up the Right Way at Scarborough Tattoo Show 3-4 June 2016


Although I am attending less events this year, I like to think it’s about quality not quantity.  Many a weekend I have got excited about going away, packed the car, driven miles cross country, unloaded the car for set up then sat there feeling unappreciated, stuck in a corner twiddling my thumbs with people passing saying ‘ I wish I’d known, I’d have booked in’.

My May event was at Big Brill Camp, a family run fundraiser for a school near Aylesbury, raising over £120 for the cause, had a great weekend and was pretty much fully booked.  Nina and I helped people prepare for the festivities on Friday and Saturday night, and repaired a few on Saturday and Sunday.  Only 1 no show due to ill health, or as we all know from these events, usually means ‘party hard award goes to…’.

So this weekend I am off to Scarborough and as with Michael who organises The Big Brill Camp, Sue from H2 Events has been so welcoming, encouraging and enthusiastic about me being there I don’t much care if I am put in the corner.  I attended their Manchester event with a friend and loved the sense of community, collaboration and respect I felt from everyone, I asked to be at Scarborough.  I’ll be offering my usual ‘hotch potch’ of techniques blended into tailored sessions on chair or couch.

And details soon about Cornbury, Kendal Calling and End of the Road.  Remember quality not quantity, you might not get a newsletter a day, tweets and posts galore, yet you will get a dedicated team of professionals you can rely on to deliver and support your event.

As a mentor of mine says…’what you do, you do exceptionally well’