My new friend Peter the postman, sometimes wonders why I don’t tell everyone what I do.

The other night was a case in point.  There was a chap at the bar talking about his tree surgeon business to a man who looked equally enthusiastic as they exchanged numbers as he wanted to hire him to look after mature trees in his garden.  Taking Peter’s advice when asked what I do I said, ‘healthcare professional’ to which the usual response is ‘what division’.

Other ways of presenting myself are as a Reflexologist, Complementary Practitioner, Alternative Therapist however as they also usually elicit more questions there is always Specialist Masseur to really get the message across.

I wish I had a photo of Peter’s face.  After the comments started, and I’ve pretty much heard them all before,  which you can well imagine I get bombarded with, Peter just looked at me and sigh.

True to his word he did book in for a Massage and now wonders why my diary isn’t fit to bursting and my waiting list isn’t 3 month’s long.  I just look at him and say ‘neither do I Peter’, then I consider the world we live in now.

I see people so stressed out they are getting anxious about getting stressed out about thinking about what they are anxious about, which a lot of the time are the things that don’t really matter.  I am at my happiest when I see people walking away from the clinic in that ‘not quite sure what just happened, but I like it’ bubble.  Maybe I should stop suggesting people ‘make a memory’ of their visit while they drift back to consciously thinking of the remains of the day, it seems to be working too well in the lack of repeat bookings.

And in no way do I want to pressurise people into booking or doing the hard sell, I don’t like that either.  More a #doyouknow what I do from a do you know how it help you point of view.  As Peter said I’m sure there are lots of people who don’t really know what a massage is they are so busy making jokes and jibes about the profession.

So, I challenge you to A) come up with an original response to I’m a Masseur and B) come and find out what a proper, instead of an improper massage, feels like.