Prime Wellbeing

PRIME Wellbeing offers Specialist Health and Wellbeing solutions to support you, your colleagues and staff in better maintaining Work Life Balance.  Qualified since 1995, with a highly regarded professional reputation,  Catherine’s ability to care and assist is outstanding.

Tailored programmes for regular events or one off occasions, for individual or groups, taking account of personal and professional requirements  – the choice is yours as to what you’ll choose to be included.

Here are some examples to help you choose:

Seated Chair can offer: 10 to 30 minute treatments

Great for people working at desks, warehouse and driving positions, headache suffers, repetitive strain discomfort, lower back and shoulder tension

Head, Neck and Shoulders – generally beneficial for people using computers

Shoulders, Arm and Hand – great for office workers to prevent repetitive strains

Shoulders, Back  – mid to lower –  to ease and prevent injury from sitting for long periods

Reclining Chair can offer: 15 to  45 minutes

Best for people who spend long hours standing, walking or driving to relieve any issues in feet and legs

Reflexology  – treatment to feet and around ankles

Pedicure – scrubs and massage to eliminate hard skin and refresh tired feet – no polish

Lower leg Massage – particularly useful for over use while walking or running

Facials – including Neck and Shoulder massage

Massage Couch can offer: 15 minutes to 1 hour

For longer sessions to either totally relax or for more targeted remedial massage for specific conditions

Holistic Massage – head to toe tailored to specific requirements

Reflexology – including lower leg massage as a combination treatment

Facials and Head Neck and Shoulder sessions – can include arms and hands.

Prices start at £15 for 10 minute session, rates lower for multiple bookings for groups and additional charges may apply to cover travel costs.   Minimum bookings of 2 hours, maximum 6 hours, or multiple treatments with additional practitioners can be  catered for – visit our online booking page or call 07957 861408 now to discuss  your options and make arrangements today