The Relaxation Room at work

Onsite treatments of Holistic Massage, Seated Massage and Reflexology. Treatment times can be tailored to the client’s needs although I have found it most beneficial for clients to receive 30 minute appointments which gives time for full consultations. All of these treatments are carried out on specialist industry standard equipment and allows the client to remain clothed. As part of staff stress management initiatives, on-site treatments have been proven to reduce stress in the workplace.

In my previous career I supported businesses to run conferences, courses and events, from small consultancies to large educational establishments, arranging everything for tutors and delegates to have a successful event.  Now, it’s a great pleasure to support delegates and organisers as an in-house masseuse, either at your location or at an event you are coordinating.

Whether you are looking for short sessions to fit during a conference or course delivery, part of a reward package for employees as a special event or you want to attract interest to your stand at show, all treatments can be adapted to fit your requirements.

Seated Massage is by far the most popular and versatile, using an ergonomic chair for ultimate comfort to support the client and give maximum benefit.

The beauty of this chair is that the angle can be changed to offer treatment to Head and Neck, Shoulders, Mid and Lower Back.Unclothed treatments using oils are possible if the setting is more private otherwise treatments are generally offered with clients remaining clothed, using a covering as some techniques can spoil certain fabrics.

Portable, lightweight yet supportive and very comfortable, can be set up where there is the equivalent space of a reclining armchair.  Reflexology can be adapted for 15, 20 or 30 minute appointments otherwise for the traditional 1 hour treatment to receive the full benefit.

If there was a need to consider specific treatment for lower back, hips and legs then a  New Wave ii massage couch is used.  And clients love the added comfort from it’s innovative woven web top. Lightest full size massage couch on the market saving my energy for giving treatments.

Bringing a couch facilitates all types of massage treatments, Reflexology and Facials and Pedicures.  Ideal if you have more space and want longer treatments.

And why do I insist on professional equipment, I think their company statement sums it up

“It is the mission and goal of Pisces Productions to design and produce superior products for our customers and through their use, reduce stress and bring better health, well being and peace to others”

I have been using my chair and couch for 10 years now and only had to replace the face rest once due to clients leaning too heavily on it.  This is no wonder after being able to receive such deeply profound treatments and testimony to the comfort of the equipment.

Delegate Packages for conference can be to offered for 10 – 20 minute treatments, company employee reward treatments from 15  – 30 minutes or for small groups with more time 1 hour appointments offering a combination of techniques and treatments.  Depending on numbers required a small team of practitioners can be arranged.

The service can be adapted and tailored to your requirements.

The Relaxation Room on holiday

In association with practitioners and treatment rooms nationwide, The Relaxation Room is able to arrange treatments at your holiday home or hotel, therefore taking the hassle out of finding a treatment while you’re on holiday.  Please send me an email with the postcode of where you’ll be staying and a telephone number to contact you, and I’ll be in contact with some suggestions.