Holistic, Therapeutic, Tailored to touch and even maybe a bit of elbow where required, Massage is an ancient healing art.   It helps to relieves tension and stress, promoting relaxation and general wellbeing. It helps relieve muscular aches and pains, improves muscle tone, increases blood circulation and enhances joint flexibility.

The manipulation of the body’s soft tissue is a gentle, flowing massage technique that uses varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements through the use of ‘Dynamic Forearm' and Myo-fascial Release methods to create a deeper sensation.

It is most commonly used for relaxation and general well-being and is carried out with massage oils.

Can be adapted to be carried out in a seated or side lying position for Back, neck, shoulders and lower back for those not able to lie flat on the couch, either due to medical conditions or for instance for Pregnancy Massage.

One of the most popular treatments is a Back Massage, Head Neck and Shoulder Massage followed by a taster session of Reflexology which can be carried out within a 60 minute appointment

Techniques are used appropriate to your desired pressure and your treatment can be adapted to include appropriate products, for allergies or lifestyle choice.

I use products supplied by Weleda using their range of products formulated using the principles of sustainability and anthroposophical medicine

Weleda Body Massage Oil Treatments

We have a full selection of body oils, designed to work holistically to help maintain wellbeing.
All of our product ranges have a key ingredient we call the ‘leadplants’.  Each of these leadplants has characteristics corresponding with different phases in the life story of our customers. Our leadplants are selected to have a particular effect on, and a relationship with, people as they pass through different stages in life. They are selected to maintain the balance of body and mind and for each individual’s well-being. 

Relaxing Lavender - soothes you into a sense of pure bliss 
Replenising Seabuck Thorn-  fruity fragrances to refresh your senses 
Restorative Arnica - aromatic liquid gold with supportive warming effect
Redefining Damask Wild Rose - pampers and harmonises body and soul
Regenerating Pomegranate - indulgently firms and renew
Revitalising Evening Primrose - a rich treat for mature skin, golden radiance for all over skin pampering 

Weleda products are used to enhance the massage although wax or plain oils are available.

Other Massages you might like to consider

Aromatherapy Massage is the use of oils for therapeutic use to work on every level to cleanse the body of toxins and to balance the mind. Essential oils have many different therapeutic properties which can help with a wide variety of health and stress related conditions. Using pre- blended oils to suit each client’s individual preference together with gentle specialised massage strokes to help cleanse the body and treat the area of concern.

Swedish Massage can help ease the body into a state of relaxation and harmony. Using a range of massage moves that promote stress relief, joint and muscle mobility and improved circulation. Techniques used include stroking, kneading and lifting, frictions and rhythmic percussion. This is a wonderful treatment if you’re looking for relaxation and rejuvenation and great for helping to eliminate cellulite.

Myo-fascial Release technique allows the body to come back into balance, elongating muscles structure and eliminating tension. Catherine often refers to it as the 'avalanche', accessing the lower levels to release tension at it's root cause, not so much about applying pressure from the top.

And all of the above can be combined into a Wellbeing Session with Catherine

Effective for: improved circulation, aiding digestion, the removal of toxins, invigorating and relaxing muscles and helping to reduce the effects of stress.