Since the year I qualified in 1995 I have been passionate about working within a network of professional practitioners, dedicated to offering quality service.  I am proud and honoured to introduce some of them to you here.

Over the next few months I will add details and write about experiences of how I have been able to be vunerable with such individuals for my own  personal development and in strengthening my professional relationships.

Being an holistic practitioner, walking the talk in being authentic, I hope you also can find solace and support from them as I have over the years.

For now I give you links to two amazing women who have literally saved not only my career, my sanity and zest for life too.

Rebecca Hartnell - Daemon Career Coach

Rebecca and I have been working together since January 2015 on a major piece of work, something with so much potential it's tantalizing, and that something is ME.  Rebecca's approach is not only refreshing, it's stimulating, supportive and unlike other Clinical Supervision I am experienced since 1995. And that is why our monthly sessions are so more enriching and enlivening. A must have 'toolkit professional'

Karen Packwood - Spirit Spa International

Karen was introduced to me in October 2015 at a time when I was looking for support and guidance in running my business, working through some difficulty in finding a place to practice locally.   In an area where there are many salons offering beauty treatments I was wanting support in 'finding my way' in offering holistic health options to the wider community. Karen gave me the opportunity to work deeply within myself to find my own sense of strength and ability, which has fundamentally altered how I tackle life's twists and turns, trusting my inner guidance and following my intuition.