Competitive Contemplation

Not having a morning walk isn’t really an option with a spaniel collie cross, every morning is a joy to wake up to. Yet some mornings does the walk have to involve the human? I so often see people who almost seem scared to stop, so focused on their own ..Continue Reading

What is Anthrosophical Medicine and how do you pronounce it?

As a Wellbeing Advisor I  get asked that  question a  lot… and  here’s a great explanation and I’ll be testing you on how to pronounce it next time we speak…   Anthroposophic Medicine

Springfield Voices

  June sees the start of something to celebrate. Earlier in the year I hosted a spa day for ladies attending from Springfield voices in Kendal. It was a Pamper Day gifted by a benefactor for some well deserved rest and relaxation for 3 woman. As the day was such a ..Continue Reading

Bank Holiday Bliss

After the tragedy of this week our minds turn to our amazing resilience  to come together in community. This week I was welcomed into the Biodynamic Group at Coniston, a gentle reminder of how our land can heal us in so many ways Wishing you all a sunny weekend from The ..Continue Reading

Spa Days – which will you choose

Spa Days at Grange Hotel are proving popular with visitors and hotel guests and no wonder with such great facilities, and of course, we us on hand to brighten your visit. Choose from one of the packages or tailor make your own Click the link below to discover more of ..Continue Reading

Therapy Directory

Forgot I was on this… Therapy Directory

Expect the unexpected

Sat at the station, anticipating a long wait, a lady sat down next to me. We chatted about her dog. Her cheeks, sucked in and with sad eyes longingly watching me eat my lunch. Her dog Tilly, not the lady of course. She noticed my pack. ” Where are you ..Continue Reading

Ayurvedic Clinic @EOTR16

Ayurvedic Clinic @EOTR16

Anna has confirmed her list of treatments for her Ayurvedic Clinic #eotr16 Which will you choose…

#EOTR16 Debbie

And proud to announce after the success  of last year’s ‘Reception Clinic’ Debbie has her own pitch this  year in our #lineup #EOTR16